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If you are looking for someone to talk you into developing a complex expensive economic model, do NOT call John Mackowiak!


He favors models that are straight forward, transparent, and easily understood by busy Managed Care Executives.

Economic modeling should not begin just before launching a drug!
Models should be developed and refined at each of these points.

  • Prior to out-licensing a product
  • Before each phase of drug development or large expenditure
  • Before each registration trial is initiated (using predicted results from that trial)
  • As soon as registration trials are completed
  • As the central focus of the AMCP dossier for Managed Care
  • For specific payers or providers (countries, Medicaid, hospitals, etc)


John Mackowiak has developmed economic models for clients at each of the junctures above, always keeping the model as focused as possible for the situation.
  • Budget Impact
  • Cost Minimizaion
  • Cost Benefit
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Cost Utility

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