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Payer Research

John Mackowiak Has also conducted a variety of payer and prescriber research projects to evaluate products or outcomes messages.

One-on-One Interviews

When you need answers to questions fast and in depth, this is the most efficient and effective method. John Mackowiak has recruited and interviewed a variety of payers (PBM, HMO, MediCaid directors) to understand how they view a condition, and how they predict a product or a message will be accepted. He has also provided this service by interviewing prescribers or thought leaders.

Advisory Board Moderating

John Mackowiak has moderated dozens of advisory boards with payers and prescribers. Advisory boards should be used when the interaction between members results in a opinions and ideas that may not be reached by individuals in isolation. One advisor reacts to the ideas the other, in a live discussion. He has a fast paced interactive style using creative facilitation techniques to keep advisors engaged, while he collects Qualitative and Quantitative information about your product, service, or message.

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