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EDUCATION                 Ph.D., Health Services Research , 1983

                                    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


                                    Master of Science in Pharmacy Administration, 1980

                                    Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy with Honors, 1979

                                    University of Illinois at Chicago




                                    Center for Outcomes Research, Inc.

1996 - Present              President

         Provide outcomes related products and services to the health care industry


                                    Glaxo Wellcome, Inc.

1995 - 1996                   Director, Pharmaceutical Outcomes Assessment

         Assessed the value of products and services in the Managed Care environment


1993 - 1995                   Director, Outcomes Management

         Responsible for a team of researchers who apply economic and outcomes evaluations with key customers in Managed Care.

         Developed disease management programs


1993                             Assistant Director, Allen & Hanbury’s, Pharmacoeconomic


         Responsible for all US A&H pharmacoeconomic studies

         Develop and implement QOL or economic strategy for each product


1991 - 1993                   Assistant Director, Glaxo Research Institute,

Pharmacoeconomic Research

         Conduct global economic and quality of life research

         Communicate findings to internal and external audiences


1990 - 1991                   Senior Analyst, New Business and Market Assessment


                                    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

1989 - 1990                   Acting Chairman, Division of Pharmacy Administration


1987 - 1989                   Director, Pharmacy Policy Research Laboratory

         Coordinated an interdisciplinary group of faculty members researching health outcome and health policy issues


1983 - 1990                   Assistant Professor, then Associate Professor with Tenure in 1990


1979 - 1983                   Pharmacist in hospital and community pharmacies



Mackowiak, JI.  A Two-Stage Decision Analysis to Assess the Cost of 5-Aminosalicylic Acid Failure and the Economics of Balsalazide Versus Mesalamine in the Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis.  Managed Care Interface, 39-46, October 2006.


Weaver MB, Mackowiak JI, Solari PG.  Triptan Therapy Impacts Health and Productivity.  Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. J Occupation and Environmental  Medicine, 46:812-817, 2004.


Hogan P, Charles PD, Watts MW, Massey JM, Miller T, Mackowiak JI.  Severity and Impact of Xerostomia in Patients Treated with Botulinum Toxin Type B for Cervical Dystonia: Observations on the Quality of Life of Patients with Xerostomia.  Current Therapeutic Research, vol 65 no.2/161-171, March 2004.


Cole BF, Glantz MJ, Jaeckle KA, Chamberlain MC, Mackowiak JI.  Quality-of-Life-Adjusted Survival Comparison of Sustained-Release Cytarabine versus Intrathecal Methotrexate for Treatment of Solid Tumor Neoplastic Meningitis.  Cancer, 97/12 3053-3060, June 2003.


Cox SE, Finn C, Stetler L, Mackowiak J, Kowalski JW.  Development of the Facial Lines Treatment Statisfaction (FTS) Questionnaire and Initial Results for botulinum toxin type-A Treated Patients.  Dermatologic Surgery, 29:444-449, May 2003.


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Sikirica V, Mackowiak J, Slaton T, Peterson J, Kaul S, Schein J, Kahn J.  Symptom Recurrence in Complicated Urinary Tract Infection (cUTI) or Acute Pyelonephritis (AP): Levofloxacin 750mg vs. Ciprofloxacin 400/500mg.  IDSA 43rd Annual Meeting, October 2007.


Gallant JE, Mackowiak JI, Dusek AC, Falcon RW, DeMasi R. Change in Injection Attitudes and patient-Reported Outcomes Among Patients with Enfuvirtide (ENF) Experience. IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment, 3rd Meeting, July, 2005.


Kowalski JW, Sengelmann RD, Waldorf HA, Fagien S, Fields N, Mackowiak JI.  Development, Validity, and Reliability of the Facial Lines Self-Confidence and Perception (FSP) Questionnaire.  International Society for Quality of Life Research, 9th Annual Meeting, October 2002.


Kowalski JW, Mackowiak JI, Cox SE, Finn C, Stetler L.  Development, Validity, and Reliability of the Facial Lines Treatment Satisfaction (FTS) Questionnaire.  International Society for Quality of Life Research, 9th Annual Meeting, October 2002.


Mackowiak J, Burris H, Stewart M, Leavitt R.  Validation of the Treatment Goals Questionnaire (TGQ): A New Instrument to Assess Patient Benefit Following Treatment of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck (HNSCC) with Intratumoral Cisplatin/Epinephrine Injectable (CDDP/epi) gel.  37th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, May 2001.


Mackowiak JI, Scott-Lennox J, Lennox R, Wassermann T, Jackson S, Peeples P.  Patient Benefit Questionnaire (PBQ) for Xerostomia: Development and Validation Report.  International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research, 4th Annual Meeting, May 1999.


Stempel DA, Mackowiak JI.  Nasal Steroids Lead to Superior Outcomes in Rhinitis: An Outcomes Monitoring Pilot Study in an HMO.  1996.  


Bukstein D, Mackowiak J.  Impact of Salmeterol on Health Status Scores (SF-36) in a Managed Care Environment.  ATS Boston, May 1996.


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