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Meet John Mackowiak PhD
Meet John Mackowiak PhD
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John Mackowiak founded COR (Center for Outcomes Research) in 1996
  • 14 years at COR
  • 7 years at Glaxo, and
  • 7 years  at the University of North Carolina, College of Pharmacy.

John is just as comfortable with a
  • Managed Care formulary committee, as he is in a
  • FDA drug advisory committee hearing.

He has done both with success.

John Mackowiak


  • FOCUS - Outcomes projects that have meaning to payers.
  • SKILLS - Bringing focused science to creative health care solutions.
    • Outcomes strategy development
    • Trial or study design,
    • Instrument selection, development or validation
    • Data analysis
    • Research publication

All aspects of your project will be personally managed by John Mackowiak.

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